The Walt Disney Company (January 2023 – Present)

The Walt Disney Company (“Disney”) is one of the most advantaged consumer entertainment companies in the world, with unrivaled global scale, irreplaceable brands, and opportunities to monetize its intellectual property (“IP”) better than its peers by leveraging the Disney “flywheel” (e.g., networks, theme parks, consumer products, etc.). As such, Trian believes that Disney is well positioned to navigate the ongoing transition from legacy content distribution channels to streaming.

On February 9th, Trian congratulated Disney on its recently announced operating initiatives, which Trian believes is a win for all shareholders and broadly aligns with its thinking. Trian is pleased with the role it played in helping to focus the Board to take decisive actions, which Trian believes will lead to better financial results. Accordingly, Trian withdrew its nomination of Nelson Peltz as a director to allow the Board and Disney’s leadership team to focus on creating long-term shareholder value without the distraction of a proxy contest.

Sector: Consumer

Fun Fact:  The actor who gave Mickey Mouse his voice for more than 30 years was married to the actress who voiced Minnie Mouse.

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